Seven for a Secret, egg tempera painting of birds in water by Daniel Ambrose

Seven for a Secret, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Seven For a Secret is one of fifteen new and significant egg tempera paintings that I delivered to Cheryl Newby Gallery this week for my show opening June 4th, 2016.

I spent an afternoon at the gallery, inspecting each painting. Polishing them with loving attention to a nice, satin sheen, enhancing areas with accents of paint.

While studying them, I’m often delighted to discover amazing new color interactions as the light fluctuates over the surface. Floating, luminous colors that appear to dance then mingle into one mesmerizing hue after another—jewel-like. The effect can be likened to the way light emanates from an abalone shell or diamond—an organic, ever-changing numinous being. My pigments do come from the earth like these two gems.

It seems funny to write this, but I really don’t see all these sublime color effects while I am painting. I swear, sometimes I think my paintings are working while I sleep.

Perhaps, the tiny particles of pigments are settling in with each other as they dry. Getting cozy with each other, marrying into harmonious relationships that reveal their radiant beauty.

Let’s mess with Daniel’s head. I imagine them saying to each other. You go check out that french ocher, while I go mix with that cute little cobalt violet beauty over there.

Later, after the painting has left my studio, and upon seeing the painting displayed in a gallery or collectors home, do I see it with fresh eyes.

As in our hectic lives, sometimes we are blind to the things or people closest to our hearts. We under appreciate their particular qualities of inner beauty or acts of kindness towards us. The small, daily moments that I wrote about in my popular post The Gift of Universal Beauty.

Seven For a Secret will be available along with fourteen other exquisite egg tempera paintings during my exhibition at Cheryl Newby Gallery June 4 to July 2, 2016.

Hope to see you opening night. For more information, or learn about a special preview before the show, please contact the gallery.

Inspired by Nature
Cheryl Newby Gallery
Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Opening reception June 4th, 2016.
Call Kaitee at 843- 979-0149, for more details.


photo of Art of Daniel Ambrose book, Paintings & Writings 2006-2012

The Art of Daniel Ambrose book, Paintings & Writings 2006-2012

Art of Daniel Ambrose Book

It’s official! My first book, The Art of Daniel Ambrose, Paintings and Writings 2006-2012, is now ready to buy!

This beautiful book is a curated, enhanced collection of inspiring art and articles created over a six year period.

Featuring over fifty paintings, studies and sketchbook drawings, with more than a hundred pages of insights, reflections and enchanting stories. It offers an intimate view of the diverse sources of inspiration that spark the meandering evolution of my paintings.

It’s printed in a size that’s easy to slip into a bag for a great summer read at the beach or cabin.

In appreciation of all my friends, patrons and supporters who collect, follow and share my work, I’m extending a special offer.

Pre Publish Special!

Order before June 15, 2016 and receive a 15% discount.

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We expect to receive books by the end June and will ship the first week of July. Coupon expires after June 15, 2016, so order now to reserve your copy!

Premium Original Collectors Edition

An exclusive, limited edition will be available. I will sketch an original Ambrose pencil drawing inside each of these exclusive collector editions.

Below are samples of  a few pages.






“This is a beautiful… delightful book”- Carol Gaskin

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To Sleep, To Dream VI, egg tempera painting of a sleeping bird by artist Daniel Ambrose

To Sleep, To Dream VI, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

When I began making paintings, I only saw the appearance of things; a majestic landscape, marvelous architecture, a powerful beast or blameless face. I believed in these things as true expressions of reality.


Daniel and Florida Panther 1991

Observing and drawing life closely for decades has shown me truth often lives beneath a veil of words or smoke clouds of appearance. There is a kind of truth told, and a certain truth lived.

Ideas about beauty are easier to know. Beauty is available now. Beauty is in your heart, words and deeds. Beauty is the countless biological processes working autonomously to keep us alive. Beauty is miraculous connections.

Beauty resides in the variegated light released from a string of pearls, the wildness of tawny curls, a bird alight on the beach, a liquid ribbon of fiery gold gilding an evening marsh. The sound of beauty appears in the first breath of a newborn baby as she emerges from her mother’s womb.

Profound beauty is born in the soothing quietness of human touch.

Contemplating the concept of omnipresent beauty, at times overwhelms me with its awesomeness—makes my heart tremble like a rabbit caught in a rainstorm.

Life can be long but life is only one breath away from eternity. So I try to find and hold a certain beauty in each encounter. Pocketing it like the treasures of a child delightfully gathered in secret. Save it in visual memory before it disappears, like rain falling into the sea.

In daily encounters, in a glance or a deed, I find beautiful gifts of inspiration. How do I honor this miracle of life? How does an artist paint the potentiality of things?—express the inexpressible blue fires of love or the silence of an iron bell imprisoned in the forge?

I reflect on these things while I walk the beach after yoga—following the tracks of birds until they suddenly vanish. Painting sublime hues in my mind, painting more than I can ever say.  Walking the silver line, traces of my passage, in time, will disappear in the tides.

The truth of beauty envelopes our lives. To be aware, be engaged with what is happening around us right now, at this moment is beauty. The most beautiful thing we can leave behind are our gifts of love.

This egg tempera painting, To Sleep, To Dream VI, is one of mine.