Hauntingly Beautiful Egg Tempera Paintings of Coastal Landscapes
Sampling of Daniel Ambrose egg tempera bird paintings Daniel Ambrose egg tempera architecture paintings egg tempera paintings by artist Daniel Ambrose Daniel Ambrose drybrush watercolor paintings detail of seascape painting with birds by Daniel Ambrose painting the egg tempera landscape with Daniel Ambrose Daniel Ambrose plein air painting


The serene paintings of American Artist Daniel Ambrose are renowned for their extraordinary luminosity and evocative spiritual sense of place. A master of the rare, 15th century, Renaissance technique of egg tempera painting, Ambrose’s exquisite paintings radiate an understated, ethereal beauty, seldom found in contemporary art.

A Florida native with a professional career spanning over 25 years, Ambrose's paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo gallery shows and many fine art museums including; Florida Historic Capitol Museum, Gibbes Museum, Jacksonville Museum of Art, Leepna-Ratner Museum, Museum of Florida Art. Corporate, and public collections include S. James Foxman Justice Center, Bank of America, Florida Memorial Hospital, the city of Orlando, Daytona Beach International Airport, and the Permanent Collection of The Museum of Arts and Sciences.

"Ambrose is an extremely talented painter whose work never ceases to delight me. As an art curator I have been privileged to work with him to present exhibitions of his work and to buy examples of his work for museum collections." -- David Swoyer

Egg Tempera Workshops

The Daniel Ambrose Egg Tempera Workshop is an incredible opportunity to learn from a master egg tempera painter the techniques of this ancient painting medium. The two-day Introductory Egg Tempera Workshop will cover a general overview of egg tempera painting in an encouraging, informative setting. . .

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The art of egg tempera painting

I taught myself the technique of painting in egg tempera about 30 years ago from a recipe written in the 15th century by the Italian artist Cennino Cennini.

While rummaging around an antiquated bookstore, I discovered a 1933 edition of The Craftsman’s Handbook. A translation by Yale professor Daniel Thompson. He taught a course in egg tempera painting, sparking an American revival of tempera painting among artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Robert Vickery, Peter Hurd and a few other notable artists.

I was astounded by the wealth of painting knowledge enclosed in this book. Before the internet it was. . .

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